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About Fire insurance

Fire insurancewe Insurance-wala provide different kind of general insurance and life insurance policy that protects you from accidents, illness or damage to your property,If you are searching for Fire insurance you in right place we have deliver the best services in general insurance, Our executive collects the cheque from client home and delivers the policy.

We Insurance-wala best Fire insurance Broker in PAN India level we offer our client to Maximum discount to policy premium. If you want buy the Fire insurance online there is risk involve. we have provide you car insurance policy in your home just one call or SMS.

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    Types of Fire insurance

  • Specific Policy : Under this policy the risk is insured for a specific sum. In case of loss of property, the insurer will pay the loss if it is less than the specified amount.
  • Valued Policy: In this policy the value of the subject-matter is agreed upon at the time of taking up the policy.
  • Average Policy: If the ‘average clause’ is applicable to a policy, it is called Average Policy.
  • Floating Policy: A floating policy is taken up to cover the risk of goods lying at different places.
  • Comprehensive Policy: A policy may be taken up to cover up all types of risks, including fire.
  • Consequential Loss Policy: Fire may dislocate work in the factory. Production may go down while the fixed expenses continue at the same rate.
  • Replacement Policy: The underwriter provides compensation on the basis of market price of the property.
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